About Grace

My name is Grace. I love Jesus.

I received my English B.A. with a writing emphasis at Westmont College with the hope of spending the rest of my life surrounded by books in publishing company.

really love to climb rocks.

Some of my other favorite things include Ireland, cats, sushi, coffee, tea, the color green, acoustic music, classic rock, latin music, swing dancing, campfires, stargazing, night hikes, the ocean, evergreens, the smell of jasmine and ginger, lemons, molasses cookies, chocolate, mugs, dresses, boots, pixie haircuts, vegetables, vintage pinups, liquid eyeliner, lipstick, high heels, camping, guitars, hearing books read aloud to me, people who play with my hair, and cranberry juice.

Dancing to Shakira is my guilty pleasure.

I have hipster glasses. Yes, they are prescription.

My dad taught me how to think and my mom taught me how to act. My sister taught me how to be myself.

Jesus is teaching me how to love.


DISCLAIMER: The views and opinions represented here are in no way a reflection of those of my friends, family, or employer(s). I do not make any money from this blog. Everything shared on this blog is shared in the hopes of fostering meaningful, honest and respectful dialogue.

Check out my blog grace across the pond to see pictures and stories from my semester in the UK.


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