For Wheaton: The Parable of the Fig Tree

fancy miss nancy

I entered this semester done with Wheaton College. I was done fighting for friendships when so many people whom I would have considered close friends had abandoned me. I was done fighting my way through hundreds of pages of reading that never seemed to end. I was done with runny noses, hacking coughs, eight layers of clothing, and endless snow. I was done scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed and seeing arrogance, drama, and contempt. I was done asking professors to care for me, because they probably were more fond of the eager sophomores and juniors. Above all, I was done with evangelical Christianity–done with this strange culture, where sex both terrifies and obsesses us, where such things as chapel skips and Prez Ball music become crucial moral issues, and where we claim absolute, objective truth based on our personal, subjective experiences with a first-century Palestinian Jew who allegedly said some…

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